Links & Resources

An article about supporting children who have experienced trauma.

An article about how children learn to draw, and how this prepares them for reading. June 2010.pdf

A list of children’s books on many unique topics including behavior.

Ever wonder about the differences between girls’ brains and boys’ brains?

Are you an expecting or new parent?  This website texts your cellphone with FREE baby health tips!

Resources for early child brain development.

Holidays can be stressful and disappointing.  Here are great tips to make it more enjoyable.

There is so much BAD health advice out there.  Here’s a site run by pediatricians and includes Ages and Stages to help you know what to expect from your child as he or she grows.

Want to know more about whether spanking a child is good or bad?

If you’ve ever wondered about how important getting kids outside and away from TV and videogames can be, here’s proof!

For three wonderful website of endless wisdom about your child’s social-emotional life, including attachment, parenting, grief, behavior, siblings, Can I spoil my child?
With videos, see: